About PCPA: A Letter from Bill Panoff

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Ahoy Sailors!

After decades in the cruise industry, I retired my sea legs and became Editor-in-Chief of Porthole Cruise Magazine, the leading cruise consumer publication. I’ve dedicated my life to sailing the seven seas in an effort to find the world’s most authentic travel experiences!  Whether you prefer small-ship sailing, luxury accommodations, high-adventure travel, or just plain ol’ fun — cruising has something for everyone! I am proud to introduce the Porthole Cruise Passenger Association (PCPA), which will help you create your next journey!

Since the beginning of time, travelers have banded together in communities, communities built upon knowledge and experience. It is time cruise passengers have a place where all facets of the cruise experience are represented, a place where cruisers connect through a common love of cruising and exploration.

The Porthole Cruise Passenger Association (PCPA), the first and only organization designed by cruisers for cruisers, provides a wide range of services to the cruising community. Through our years of experience, we have created a powerful community that provides tangible and valuable benefits for its members.

Through this website, you will learn more about the PCPA and how it serves cruisers, including huge savings on everything from travel to everyday purchases. Offering a myriad of benefits for our members, we are continuously working to provide even more — more benefits, more ways for our members to communicate with one another, and more opportunities to enjoy the cruising lifestyle.

So, grab your favorite tropical cocktail or glass of wine, sit down and relax, and learn more about the PCPA and our growing community.

Welcome Aboard!

Bill Panoff
Porthole Cruise Passenger Association

Bill Panoff